XDU HAND-HELD كشف عن متفجرات ومخدرات

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The Seeker XDU™ is a handheld explosive detection system utilizing an automated colorimetric methodology to detect trace amounts of explosives. The Seeker XDU™ is lightweight, rugged, handheld, and extremely portable capable of being used by non-technical first time users as well as trained professionals. The Seeker XDU™ features a simple-to-use and intuitive operator interface with a large 7-button keypad and full color LCD display. U.S. Government tested and backed by real world deployment ensures that the Seeker XDU™ is ready to handle any explosive detection scenario. No other portable device is capable of detecting as many explosive compounds with one simple test as the Seeker XDU™ including the specific identification of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) and Urea Nitrate (UN). All test results are automatically stored internally with the swipe-card serial number, test result, date, time, altitude, ambient temperature and the precise GPS location.
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