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The PE-64/304 are HIPS resin bass-reflex enclosure 5" (12cm) conetype pendant speakers intended for ceiling suspension installation. The PE-304 also includes a balanced dome tweeter. They have an outstandingly stylish design that is inspired by the finest lighting fixtures, allowing them to harmoniously blend in with lighting equipment. They are ideally suited for such applications as BGM and announcements at high-ceiling venues such as airports, factories and shopping malls. The speakers are easy to repaint, extending the range of design needs they can meet. A directly attached sturdy suspension cable is extendable up to 5 meters. PE-64 is driven on a high-impedance (100V or 70V) line, and PE-304 is driven on a highand low-impedance(8Ω) line. Input impedance is adjustable with rotary switch on the upper side of the speaker.

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